• Technical modifications reserved.
  • The maximum output is subject to the material, tablet/punch size, and the compression force.
    We reserve rights of alteration because of technical improvements.
  • The TAB 20 is a small, rotary pharmaceutical tablet press, delivering performance for R&D applications, clinical batches, and small scale production.
  • The machine is offered in three Varients i.e. TAB 20-08, TAB 20-10, TAB 20-12, TAB 20-5+5.
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Tabpack Pvt. Ltd. is a Pharma Machinery division of Royal Group of Company, Tab Pack is involved in the manufacturing of high-quality Tablet Press Machines, Tooling, and other accessories for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Royal group of company was stabilized in 2007 and having a presence in engineering products for the various industries, Royal Group is grown up very fast in compare top other industry due to commitment of dedicated employee and welfare scheme.

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